365 Days of Writing – Day 198 – Writing Group


I am so lucky to have a group of friends, co-workers, fellow writers who I get to work with, share with, laugh with once a week.

They are a solace, a source of strength, a connection to creative energy.

Sure, sometimes I am not in the mood and sometimes I don’t like the prompt – even those I have come up with!  Yet I don’t miss a week unless I absolutely must.  There is something magical about art, for writing is art just as much as a painting or a sculpture, being created before your eyes.  Where once there was a blank page and a blank mind, there is now a story, a description, a dialog.

Once one of the prompts turned into a play which turned into a performance.  How cool is that to have seen an idea born and then to see it dancing upon a stage.

I hope all of you who write will have the opportunity to join a writing group.  Check the web, check notices at the local library, post a notice at the local library – I guarantee there are others out there who would want to join you or have you join them to create a collective.




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