365 Days of Writing – Day 191 Copenhagen

copenhagen park Cafe 22


I didn’t do much research on Copenhagen as it was to be just a stop over city.  I did make a quick visit to a weather page on line. I registered a high of 27 degrees and a low of 17.  I thought it was odd that it would be colder in Copenhagen than in Greenland but then I didn’t think about it again.  I should have.  I should have also realized that when I was last in Copenhagen, years ago as part of a Baltic cruise, the weather was lovely, not freezing cold!

My first clue was in the baggage claim area where passengers were met by locals, all of whom were dressed in t-shirts and shorts.  I thought perhaps they were just hardy folk and could dress casually even in cold weather.  Then we stepped out of the terminal building.  It was sunny and hot.  I was thankful that I’d purchased a short sleeve t-shirt during my long layover in Toronto and that I had packed flip flops – to use as slippers in the hotel room.  I tucked my borrowed ankle length down coat under my arm. I was glad that I’d worn my Tom’s and a cotton shirt to travel in.  I was comfortable for the drive to the hotel.

After a shower I changed into the new t-shirt and was about to pull out my jeans when I remembered that the safari pants I’d brought (because I could wear long underwear under them) converted to shorts when you zipped off the lower leg portion.  Having done that and switched to flip flops, I was perfectly comfortable, though not fashionable, for a walk through town and a later dinner.  One of my traveling partners thankfully assumed the navigation duties.  Under his direction, we found our way to a park that was not only lovely but huge!  I had to laugh at the memory of the downtown council rep congratulating LA for having brought Grand Park to downtown.  Grand would have fit into one-half of one quadrant of this park, smack in the middle of town.  There was a Marionette theater, what appeared to be a small café, a rose garden, a topiary garden and miles of wide open space occupied by young and old soaking up the sunshine and eating pizza.  The people who invented the open faced sandwich seemed to have decided they preferred the Italian version.

We strolled through the garden emerging near a main canal.  We spotted a restaurant on the other side of the canal and decided to try it for dinner.  I thought we were going to get an authentic, non-tourist, Copenhagen dinner.  One of the first items on the menu, Nachos!  Oh well. I suppose we did have an authentic local dinner, just not very Danish.  I’m American and when I eat out I might try Italian, Japanese, Chinese, American or Mexican – all examples of what an authentic, typical Los Angeleno might eat.  To get real Danish food – eat where the tourists eat.

Tomorrow morning very early we head back to the airport to board a flight to Greenland!


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