365 Days of Writing – Day 187 – The Edison

The Edison The Edison seats

So glad the heat wave is behind us.  It’s a lovely day, warm with cool breezes.  Tonight I’m going to lay out on the grass at Grand Park, eat a picnic dinner and watch a ballet performance.  In my mind a perfect evening.

Last night I stepped outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to simply relax at home and watch a movie but I’d signed up to attend an event and I’m somewhat compulsive when it comes to honoring promises.  The event was far from my idea of an ideal Friday night.  Why did I agree to attend?  How did I get myself into this predicament?  It all started when I joined a “meet up” group to get myself out of the house more.  The group I joined was centered around museum visits.  A friend was already a member so I thought I would accompany her to the next event.  What I didn’t realize is that once you’ve signed up for one meet up, others come after you.  You are chum in the water.  One of those sharks invited me to join their group for a night of “drinking, dancing and fun” at the Edison.

The Edison, for those not in LA, is a very intriguing venue. It had been an actual power plant before being converted to a 20’s style bar.  The atmosphere is very steam punk and much of the decor consists of the original power plant fittings.  You enter off an alley and descend into the boiler room.  I agreed to attend because I wanted to revisit the Edison.  If I had a drink and danced a little, so much the better.  You can’t dress casually at the Edison – which  is uncommon in LA.  Most places you can wear jeans and be just fine. My wardrobe is primarily casual. I had to dig deep for something appropriate.  I wore a simple silk dress which I’ve owned for twenty years.   I wandered around the Edison taking in the atmosphere and the silent movies playing on screens scattered around.  I saw no sign of a group.  I saw lots of couples.  If there was any sort of “meet up” there, they did a poor job of making themselves known.

I was going to have a drink and watch the show but the bartenders were so busy I gave up and watched the show, an impressive acrobat dance performed with fabric ropes, without a libation.  The combo ballet & gymnastic performance was similar to the ballet I’d seen a few weeks ago at the El Portal – if I’d been on the stage. It was only slightly less personal than a lap dance. The Edison is large but there are no open spaces.  The place is all nooks and crannies.  It’s the english muffin of clubs.   I left after sweeping the place one last time.  Lesson learned, do not attend a meet up alone unless there is a definite meeting time and place.

If you are in LA and you haven’t experienced the Edison, it is definitely worth a visit.  Don’t wear jeans, do dress up and do have fun.


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