365 Days of Writing – Day 155 – Farewell to Lautenberg


The death, at age 89, of Frank Lautenberg is sad but also frightening.  It makes me realize that many more members of the Congress & Senate are aging and will be leaving politics – by death or retirement.  That scares me because the younger politicians lack the ability to see the larger picture and realize the value of compromise.  I shudder to think how more dysfunctional that body will be when dominated by those who entered politics in the past decade – a time when parties were polarized and unable or unwilling to see any other side of an issue.

I hope that the elder had set an example for the younger members.  By example I would hope the newly elected would see the value of respecting each other regardless of differing positions.  I would hope that they’d realize the importance of building relationships rather than walls.  I worry that the new comers will not learn the lesson and will act in their own best interests rather than in the interest of our nation as a whole.

As we bid adieu to Senator Lautenberg, let’s keep our fingers crossed that in the future we will we again see practical, honorable, reasonable men like Frank in Washington DC.

For a full story on the legacy of Senator Lautenberg go to:



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