365 Days of Writing – Day 150 – what did the internet teach you?

I started thinking about all the things I’ve been taught by the web – mostly via You Tube “how to” videos.  The variety of the list shows the breadth of the internet offerings.  Here’s my list – you should make your own.

To install a window air conditioner

To put on false eyelashes

To crochet

To knit

To fix a garbage disposal

To evaluate the freshness of pineapple

To remove wax from clothing

To speak Spanish

To sew a table runner

To reboot my Kindle

To make an Oragami crane

To cheat on Words with Friends

To line dance

To truss a chicken

To make a slip knot

To prune fruit trees

To avoid carpal tunnel

To clean just about any surface

To do a divorce

To sell a house

To take better photographs

To start a blog


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