365 Days of Writing – Day 144 – Red Letter Media


There are hundreds of sites available on the internet.  How some rise to the top baffles me. I wonder how they were discovered and what about all those yet undiscovered sites?  I seem to be the last to find the best sites. I leave it to others to troll the internet looking for whatever is worthwhile.  Recently someone told me about Red Letter Media.  I logged onto it – mostly so I could delete the note about it from my iPhone – and was hooked after watching just a single episode (OZ The Great and Wonderful).

It’s a strange little site which gives movie reviews in a quirky and original format.  The two guys who do the reviews are surprisingly knowledgeable.   I’m used to most review sites consisting of a teenage girl in her bedroom talking to her computer camera.  Unlike those sites, this one gives in depth information.  They reference other films to make their point and converse easily about previous projects from the director, actors and producers  – which provided context.  I found the best aspect of the site is the way they incorporate other films to explain their observations.  Clips from the movie and from interviews are used in a slick manner that gives the site a very polished feel. There is actual production value!

Between this site and dozens of “So You Think You Can Dance” You Tube videos of last season’s finale, which I missed, I could spend the entire Memorial Day weekend watching videos on my computer.  No wonder I am pasty white!


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