365 Days of Writing – Day 132 – Prete a Manger




I am not reluctant to admit that I have spent no time lounging in my hotel room, no time watching French television, no time reading and very little time writing and posting. I am chagrined to admit to the truth about my meals.

Part of spending 12-14 hours running around the city is that you don’t spend 2-3 hours per meal sitting in cafes sipping lattes and gazing at the city. That’s a different trip and one I can’t indulge in as I have just five days in Paris. To make my schedule possible I have, I am embarrassed to admit, been getting my breakfast and my lunch at “Prete a Manger” just one step up from McDonald’s. The food there is actually really tasty but it is food you consume in under twenty minutes and don’t think about again. For dinner, I found an inexpensive Italian café around the corner and yes, while in Paris I have had pizza for dinner! Oh the shame of it!

To make up for the above, yesterday I went to the most amazing patisserie. “Patisserie des Reves” and it truly was one of the things dreams are made of. I and the four companions I was with ordered one each. They were packed into a large pink box, each individual pastry held in position by lovely pink plastic toothpicks. There was no place to sit at the Patisserie so we took the box back to our hotel where we hoped to be able to sit in the warmth and enjoy our treats. We had to pay a surcharge levied by the hotel to bring in food so we made them give us five plates, knives and forks (to get something for our money). We carefully divided up our treats – Grand Cru, Paris Best, La Tarte au Citron, Chocolate Eclair and Entree Deux – and enjoyed them, each one more amazing than the first.

So while I may have finished my day with a pre-made vegetarian wrap from Prete a Manger, at least I enjoyed some of the best Paris had to offer during the day.


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