365 Days of Writing – Day 129 – Bon Voyage


As I write this I’m on the way to the airport, relax, I’m not driving! Traffic is terrible but haven’t we all come to expect that? The only place I’ve ever been where I have never encountered traffic is Maine. Sadly, it is not a state, despite its beauty, where I can see myself living.

I packed for this trip last night tossing in final items this morning just before heading out the door. I used to think there was a secret to perfect packing. I frequented travel websites and blogs alas, nothing gave me that “ah ha” moment I sought. I did learn to roll my clothes which helps reduce wrinkles and I do pack with a single color scheme in mind so everything matches but that’s not what I was searching for. What I want most likely doesn’t exist. I want the suitcase equivalent of Harry Potter’s Room of Requirement. I want to be able to reach into my bag and get exactly what I need but have the bag itself be the size (and weight) of a pillow case.

I have finally accepted that I do not possess magic thus I have opted for the muggle solution. I use the largest bag I own and I put everything I might possibly need into it. I used to try to only travel with a carry on bag. Each item that went into that bag became precious because it meant I couldn’t take something else. I would agonize over a pair of socks! I’m fed up with that. Not sure if I’ll be going to a fancy restaurant for dinner? I toss in a dress and a pair of heels. Think I may go for a long walk? I carry hiking sandals and cargo pants. I carry sleeveless shirts and fleece, flip flops and pumps. Sure, there are things I’m schlepping which I might never need. I don’t care. I have become a big bag flyer and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.

I, and my big bag, have arrived safely, checked in and are ready to head to Paris. I haven’t been in the City of Lights for over a decade. I’m excited to go and hoping that between meetings I’ll be able to find a few hours to do some sightseeing. See on the other side.


One thought on “365 Days of Writing – Day 129 – Bon Voyage

  1. Val Mills May 9, 2013 / 7:24 pm

    I’m a bit like you, a just in case packer.

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