365 Days of Writing – Day 126 – You took your child to see what?

Iron Man 3

The other day I joined millions of others around the world who went to see Iron Man 3. Great movie!

I went to a 4pm screening, not a matinee, yet there were dozens of kids in the audience. Not teenager kids, kid kids. I’m talking six, seven years old and some who looked even younger.

I was aghast. Are these parents so hard up they can’t afford a babysitter for a few hours? Did they really think that Iron Man was suitable for a six year old! I would never have subjected my child to the violence, and the sheer volume of that movie. I don’t know if they thought it would be fun for the kids – which shows a total lack of connection to their child, or if they didn’t think at all – which shows a total lack of parenting skills.

I think the movie industry needs a new rating, one that says inappropriate for children even if they are with a parent! They can call is CP13 – for no child admitted under 13 despite Clueless Parent.

Here’s a tip to parents – your job is to create a safe and nurturing environment for your kids where they can grow and flourish. Kids these days are subjected to so much violence – most recently the Boston Marathon terrorism. The last thing they need is to sit through two hours of people trying to kill each other and the President of the United States (however fictional). Kids aren’t sophisticated enough to distinguish between movies and truth. They take in these images, the explosions, the gun shots and it becomes a part of their life experience. We wonder why our children are becoming more aggressive, why kids shoot other kids? Take a look at yourselves parents!

Iron Man is a fabulous movie, for grownups. Now we just need some parents out there to grow up and be the parents their children need them to be!


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