365 Days of Writing – Day 93


Sorry to get political here but I have to vent. What happened to the Obama who decried the policies of the Bush administration and the heavy handed way we asserted ourselves around the world? I want back the person who promised a change. The actions we’re taking toward North Korea seem right out of the Bush playbook.

We are escalating the situation by sending our big guns to drop faux bombs. What good will that do? It just ratchets up the tension without providing North Korea a way to back down. Do our politicians enjoy being on the brink of world war? It feels like the Cuba missile crisis, not that I was old enough to remember it but from what I’ve read it feels like we’re there again.
Where is the diplomacy? All we hear about is how intransigent North Korea is and that we can’t talk to them. Really? So what about Dennis Rodman? I don’t want him being the spokesperson for the United States but at least he went there and met and engaged. Why aren’t our politicians making any effort to do that?

What would president Hillary Clinton have done? Makes me wonder about my vote eight years ago. I wish she was still our Secretary of State. I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t trust those men and their penchant for pulling out the guns to see whose is bigger. Doesn’t matter the size, they all kill. We’ve had enough death. Can we just find a way to live in peace?


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