365 Days of Writing – Day 81

Fall Danger

My shoulder is achy, my knee sore, my palms bruised. No, I did not work out too hard. I fell. What a klutz! I was running, literally, from our conference room to my office for a document I needed at a meeting. My flip flops [oh yeah I can wear flip flops to work and yes (sorry for all on the East Coast) it was warm enough yesterday for flip flops] caught on the low nap carpet and sent me flying. You know those pratfalls where someone looks like they’ve dived onto the ground? That was me. When my shoe flipped, I flopped. I landed equally on knees and hands as if dropped from above.

On a positive note, no one saw me. The only thing worse than making a fool of yourself is making a fool of yourself in front of co-workers.

I hobbled back to the meeting and hid my pain.

I was a little kid the last time I had fallen and skinned a knee, scraped my palms. I suppose at my age I should be glad I didn’t really hurt myself. That’s the rub, at my age. Minor injuries really make you think about your age. I immediately thought of my mom and the times I had scolded her for not being more careful. I chastise her for not using her walker, for not waiting for me to put out the trash cans. What I’m doing, I now see, is reminding her of something no one wants to be reminded about. You’re not the you you want still to be. You may have an image of yourself as a young person but that is just a fantasy.

If not for mirrors, how many of us would carry around a vision of ourselves as what 25? 30? We’d pick an age when we were happy, settled in our lives, feeling attractive and successful. For a lucky few that feeling stays with them as the years add on but I would guess most of us abhor the changes we see in our bodies and faces as the years add on.

This fall has taught me two things. 1. Don’t run when wearing flip flops 2. You’re not as young as you wish you were but that doesn’t mean you’re not still in the prime of your life – let go of 30 and embrace 55!


One thought on “365 Days of Writing – Day 81

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