365 Days of Writing – Day 62

Big Suitcase

Again, I’m heading out of town. This time to India. This means that once again I will most likely not be posting in real time. I will write daily. When I get back, in two weeks, I’ll download. I may have a better internet connection in Agra than I had in Kenya. If that’s the case, I will continue daily posts.

I like to travel light. I would prefer to live out of just a carry on size suitcase. That’s proven impossible for this trip. I could fill an entire carry on suitcase with just the insect repellent creams, sprays, and towelettes I’ve got with me! Then there are all the medicines I’m bringing. When I was in Germany I got a cold and figured I’d just go to the local market – it was huge and modern – to get cough syrup and Tylenol. They had nothing recognizable. It was all natural and homeopathic. There were dozens of bottles of tincture of plants most of which I’d never heard of. It did’t help that they were in German but I did have my handy translator on my smart phone! I purchased an assortment of these bottles and eventually my symptoms subsided but what I wouldn’t have given for a swig of Nyquil!

I don’t want to be in that position again so for this trip I have packed Alka Seltzer Cold – day and night. Add to that, Advil and Tylenol, Zicam and Airborne. I will be carrying all manner of things which will unstuff my nose, soothe my throat, relieve my aches, settle my stomach and take care of anything else I might find myself experiencing. All this stuff takes up a surprising amount of room.

I packed into the wee hours last night. Packing require you to be clairvoyant. You have to be able to anticipate weather, activities, and terrain. I have a hard time seeing into the future. You know how Harry Potter had a room of requirement – imagine a suitcase of requirement. Anything you need, just open the suitcase and there it is! You could travel with a tote bag but have anything you needed at your fingertips. Sadly, that doesn’t exist so I’m stuck with standard luggage. I hate to carry clothes half way around the world that I won’t end up wearing but I hate more not having the right thing to wear. If you happen to be at LAX this morning, that will be me standing in line with the monster suitcase hoping I don’t exceed the weight limits!


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