365 Days of Writing – Day 57

Find the Cure

Out of respect for my friend’s privacy, I had not intended to write about what she and her family are going through. I hadn’t intended to but I am. I hope she forgives me. It is too difficult to not write about it. It is all that’s on my mind. My best friend – the one who saw me through countless romances – most of them ill fated, the one who was there by my side as I moved from girl to adult, the one I was there for during her hard times, is once again dealing with great pain. Her sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I know the statistics. I’ve read the brochures and consequently I endure yearly mammograms. Those are just numbers, odds. This is my friend’s little sister. The fortunate thing is that they caught it early, they hope. It seems that she might not have to go through chemo. For that we all should be grateful. Still, it’s hard to be grateful when a beautiful woman is going to lose her breasts. Yes, she has her life and yes, they do amazing things with reconstructive surgery but I can only imagine the pain, the fear, the terror she and all who love her are feeling.

The “Race for the Cure” takes on new meaning when you know someone who is facing the reality of cancer. Before now my donations and my pretty pink ribbon were just gestures. I contributed because I felt I should not because I was dedicated to the cause. That’s all changed. I feel a personal interest. I’ve seen what a diagnosis of cancer does to the loved ones. I will pray for a good outcome for her and I am glad that she has a sister who loves her and a family ready to be by her side whatever happens.


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