365 Days of Writing – Day 34

I’m not certain if I gained a day or lost it – though I think the latter is the case. The flight was grueling. Despite my efforts to beat jet lag, it kicked me in the butt. Internet is challenging. I’m keeping a journal, pen and paper don’t require power (something that comes and goes at will here) or a connection (which had been a challenge but now that I have a lovely new Safaricom dongle might be less so).

I think the best plan it to catch up once I’m back in country. I didn’t promise myself 365 days of posting, just writing, and I’m sticking to that.

Please don’t give up on me! I promise plenty of new posts with pictures by the 13th of Feb. or perhaps the 14th and it’ll be my valentines day gift to the blogosphere. An assortment of yummy posts in a pretty pink box with a bow.


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