365 Days of Writing – Day 33


I finally had a good long look at my flight schedule.  I calculated that my flight will arrive at its final destination at 7:35am my time. 8:35pm local time. That means when I should be preparing to fall asleep my body will be just waking up.  I will spend the next four days being exhausted, sleep deprived and generally zonked out.  That’s not a good thing when you’re traveling for work and expected to sound intelligent and make good choices. I needed to figure out how to avoid jet lag. I decided to mess with my internal clock.  

I stayed awake the night before my flight.  I had woken up that morning at my usual 5am sticking with my plan would mean I would not sleep again until 1pm when I was on the flight, comfortably situated in my business class seat.  The trick was in figuring out not only how to keep myself awake but in deciding when and what to eat to trick not just my mind but my stomach.  It’s not easy to turn your schedule on its head.  All my usual eating routines had to be cast to the wind.

At midnight, when I would normally be fast asleep, it would be 11am at my destination.  therefore, I should be thinking about lunch.  At 1am, instead of sleeping, I ate.  I did a load of laundry, re-checked my luggage and prepared some meals which I could leave for my to eat while I was away.  I made myself watch “The Following” – definitely one of the scariest shows on TV but so good and after only two episodes, I’m hooked.  There’s no getting to sleep right after watching an episode of that show. Before I long the clock said 5am; I’d made it 24 hours! To fully appreciate what a feat this is you should know that I don’t usually make it to midnight even on New Year’s Eve! A few hours later, at 7am, 6pm in my destination I ate dinner.  Luckily my mom was still safely asleep.  I can’t imagine how I would be able to explain to her my wacky schedule.   At 9am, yup, 8pm at my destination, I showered.  Normally I wouldn’t shower at night but I couldn’t stand the thought of not showering before getting on my flight and by now I only have an hour forty-five minutes before my taxi arrives.

I’m not sure when within this topsy-turvey time frame a new date will actually start for me to post this.  I’m not sure now if I’ve gained or lost a day or half a day.  We’ll just call this Day 33 and I’ll figure out later how to get back on track, if I’ve even gone off the tracks.


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