365 Days of Writing – Day 31


Pig out in the morning! It’s official – at least according the the NPR story I read yesterday. The Spanish did a study and found that if you eat the majority of your calories before 3pm, you’ll lose weight.

My self-imposed rule, which is the closest I’ve ever come to actually dieting, is no food after 8pm. Normally I have dinner between 6:30pm and 7pm so anything eaten after 8pm would almost certainly be some sweet treat, not nourishment. If I work late and don’t get home until 7:45, I do allow myself to eat, but I don’t make a huge bowl of spaghetti or something with a heavy cream sauce. My after 8pm dinner would likely be a salad or a bowl of soup.

I have always been a breakfast person. When she was young I’d send my daughter off to school having had at least one poached egg on toast and a glass of milk. No sugary cereals in our house! Even now, if I sleep in and skip the gym, I make myself an egg for breakfast.

My standard routine (is that redundant? can you have a non-standard routine?) is a protein drink at 5am before heading to the gym, then a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee when I get to work at 8am, another cup of coffee and toast or instant oatmeal at 10:30am followed by lunch at 1pm – usually some leftovers. By 4pm I’m craving a snack – I keep raisons and almonds on hand for this. I leave the office at 6pm. I try to be sitting down to dinner at 7pm. Ideally, I’m done eating for the day by 7:30pm.

In future, I’m going to have my snack earlier in the afternoon. I’ll cram as many calories in before 3pm as possible so I have plenty of time to burn off those calories! Cookie anyone?


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