365 Days of Writing – Day 25

Poets & Writers

With gratitude to Poets & Writers every week an email with three writing prompts arrives in my in box. There’s a poetry prompt, a fiction prompt and a non-fiction prompt. They are always challenging, always interesting. I have to admit that most weeks I file them away, promising myself I will find time later in the week to work on at least one. However, this week I’ve decided to try my hand at poetry. I mostly write prose. Once in a while I manage to turn out a poem that I don’t hate. I’m hoping that the structure and limits of this prompt will allow me write something I won’t be embarrassed by. I hope you’ll try your hand as well. Post your results, I’d love to read them!

Poetry Prompt
Choose any word from the dictionary and read its definitions. Write a poem using only the language of these definitions. Try repeating them in different combinations and using line break to create unexpected phrases. Experiment with how far you can push the limits of the language you’re working with. Use the word you’ve chosen as the title of the poem.

Hinder – 1. to cause delay, interruption, or difficulty in; check; retard; hamper.
2. to prevent from doing, acting, or happening; stop
3. to be an obstacle or impediment, to hold back
4. situated at the rear or back; posterior; behind


Prevent from
To be
Situated to prevent from happening,
At the rear,
An obstacle.
To cause
To stop?
To hamper impediment.


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