365 Days of Writing – Day 20

Chocolate wonderland

Finally! Good news from/about China. Forget about the deadly, choking fumes. Forget about the people being transplanted against their will out of family homes into government constructs. None of that matters. I love China! They’ve produced a theme park to chocolate! A Chocolate Wonderland! Sounds like heaven.

I do have one beef. I’ve been to Shanghai three times – in 2004, 2005 and 2012. Not once did I see chocolates for sale. As an avowed chocoholic I make a point of sampling locale offerings. How could I have missed what is clearly a wealth of chocolate? Were they hiding it? Hoarding it? Was it because I am American? I’m also Canadian!

Other countries have shared their sweet cocoa. I’ve had amazing chocolates in Paris, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland. Of course, you’d say. But I’ve had better chocolates in Cairo! Didn’t expect that, did you? A food tour of the world centered on chocolate tastings would be nirvana.

But back to the Chocolate Wonderland. Imagine a convention hall filled with chocolate – all colors, shapes, percentages. Not merely edible squares of joy. They have on display all manner of things made of chocolate. I’m intrigued by the chocolate sculptures and the chocolate computer (does it work? is it edible?). If images are to be believed, there is even a chocolate car. And, yes, chocolate clothing – shoes, hats, purses, dresses.

A little chocolate dress? I have to admit, as much as I enjoy chocolate, I have no interest in wearing it. The confectionery creations the designers fabricated which the models wear so elegantly are fascinating but I’m not about to go in search of a chocolate scarf.

I wonder what the convention floor smells like? When I was in the 4th grade my class took a field trip to Hershey PA. Those were the days when schools could afford to rent school buses and expose kids to all sorts of educational experiences. I remember little about the trip other than the overpowering aroma of chocolate as we entered the Hershey factory. Even for a chocolate addict such as myself, the smell was overwhelming. When, at the end of the tour, they handed us each a large bar of chocolate – not a single child was tempted to open the wrapping and devour the bar. We’d inhaled all the chocolate we could stomach for one day.

I’m going to put a trip to Shanghai during the Chocolate Wonderland on my to do list. Until then, I’ll settle for looking at the on-line images while nibbling on some luscious, dark chocolate.


One thought on “365 Days of Writing – Day 20

  1. afterthekidsleave January 21, 2013 / 5:15 pm

    This reminds me of the time I chatted with the clerk at a Laura Secord chocolate store–she told me that contrary to my expectation that one would gain weight working there, she’d actually lost 40 pounds! She treated herself to a single truffle each morning, and by the end of the day she’d be “chocolated out.” Hmm. Sounds promising.

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