365 Days of Writing – Day 16

Roller coaster
There are aps for everything. I have an idea for one. I’d call it the “last call” ap. For all who have a fear of flying or need to be prepared for anything. Imagine you think you’re about to die. You have mere minutes, perhaps seconds. You want to send a final message to those you love and care about. How long would it take you to send a text? Too long. Instead you use my ap. It would allow you to send personalized farewell messages you’ve previously composed with a single keystroke.

I think it could be a huge success only I have no programming skills. I freely give this idea to anyone who wants to do anything with it.

I’m not being morbid. I think airplanes are probably one of the safer place to be. Most likely your bathroom is more dangerous. I only want those who aren’t as comfortable in an airplane to know that they won’t leave without saying goodbye. I’d probably be tempted to use such an ap before getting on any number of thrill aka terror rides. I’ve never been inverted on a roller coast and I plan to keep it that way. That’s why I love Disneyland. The rides are designed to entertain, not terrorize. I don’t get the need to hurtle downward in a death defying plunge. I cannot understand what pleasure is derived from scaring yourself. I will never bungee jump. I will never sky dive. I’ll never spend the day at Six Flags.

Yes, perhaps I am a coward. I’m not afraid to admit it. That hasn’t stopped me from doing exciting and scary things – I’ve white water rafted in extreme conditions (we didn’t know how extreme until we were out of the river). I’ve talked to strangers at parties. I’ve recited poetry in front of an audience. Yes, I’ve known fear and I’ve conquered it. We’re all brave in our own way. Sometimes just getting up in the morning and facing the day takes courage. Setting a goal and sticking with it is an act of bravery. Trusting in the future requires nerves of steel. Life is enough of a thrill for me.


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