365 Days of Writing – Day 12


I know that the weekend is supposed to be time to relax but I would guess most people, like me, jam a week’s worth of errands into one day, Saturday, so they can try to relax on Sunday. This weekend I was up at the same hour I’m up M-F – no sleeping in!

Eight months ago, when the house went on the market, I’d boxed up everything we didn’t absolutely need to use and put it into storage.  This is generously known as de-cluttering the home.  It’s really finally coming to terms with all the sh*t you own that you don’t need.  This morning I spent two hours in the storage and I was able to pull out four boxes of coffee mugs, extra platters, a waffle maker, an old computer printer and a bunch of assorted bottles, jars and cans.  It felt great to eliminate some items out of the storage.  It felt even better to take them to the Goodwill donation center near my house.  I love thinking of people who will be giving these items a new life.  I was proud of myself that I didn’t look at the mugs and linger over the memories associated with each. The memories are in ourselves, not our things.  

I don’t know if it’s true but I heard in a movie or perhaps a tv show that when someone donates an organ to another person the donor’s DNA mingles with the receiver’s.  I hope that some of the good times, good feelings that are associated with my items will transfer to the people who either buy or are given my donationd.

I’m certain everyone has items they don’t need and don’t use that could be donated.  Why does it take a move, a divorce, a death before we take stock?



One thought on “365 Days of Writing – Day 12

  1. afterthekidsleave January 12, 2013 / 10:37 pm

    I agree — our excess stuff drags along behind us like a weight, and it’s good to just cut it loose sometimes.

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