365 Days of Writing – Day 5

For the past fifteen years I’ve been a MAC person. My employer supplied me with an Apple computer at a time when my personal computer (a PC) had reached the end of life. I intended to replace that personal computer, really I did. It was so easy to use the company supplied computer. It felt like my own. We were together at least forty hours a week. All my friends (photos) were with me on the computer as was all my music. We were a couple. When the company converted my desktop to a laptop, that was the final nail. I was never going to two-time my MAC. I used that lovely laptop for work from M-F and for all my computing needs on the weekend. It was a perfect arrangement until…

The company began to install, “push” is the term they use, security software onto my, their, our? computer. Every time I connected there was some new log in page, password protected ap or virus scan. Then I was rudely reminded of the company’s ability and right to “visit” my computer at their discretion.

It was time for a separation.

I agonized, I searched websites, I read reviews, I talked to anyone who would listen. Asking people about their opinions on computers is akin to asking them how they feel about God. I waffled for weeks, months. I knew I would have to do something but I hated thinking about leaving my old friend and companion of the past years – well the past two years as the company is generous enough to refresh my computer every four years. I was prepared to return to the MAC and have an open relationship. I would share MAC with the IT department. We could make it work!

Then last week a new security patch was pushed and even IT couldn’t tell me how to get it to stop popping up causing me to loose what I was working on. That was it. It was the kick in the butt I needed.

I went on line and I bought the cheapest laptop with a fair amount of memory and a decent review. Yes, I cheaped out. Five days a week I’ll still have my darling MAC so couldn’t I manage with an average, even homely, companion on weekend? I couldn’t bring myself to spend three times the price of this laptop on the MAC.

It was a struggle to learn how to navigate this crazy relationship called Windows8. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s “MAC-like” because it isn’t. I have figured out a few things and as the days, months and years go by I will figure out a way to love this computer as well. Perhaps love is asking too much. I hope we can become friends.


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