Truly random thoughts

Contradictions abound.  For instance, actions which are repeated on a somewhat regular basis (taking medication, brushing teeth, watering the lawn) are, by virtue of the repetition forgettable.  How many times have you sat at the dinner table wondering if you took your vitamin?  You remember taking a vitamin but was that at this meal, yesterday’s meal, last week’s meal?  It becomes hard to distinguish between what took place today and what happened in the past.  The results is that what should be easy to remember, because it is routine, is harder to remember.  If you want to ensure that you perform a daily task, the secret is to not perform it the same way, in the same place, at the same time. Thus each instance is unique, therefore memorable.  But if each instance is unique, is it regular, routine, predictable?  If it’s not regular, how to ensure you remember to perform it?  Contradictions abound.


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