All done with acting class

I’ve completed my 8 classes, 4 double sessions. Yes, I decided that as much as I enjoyed, and, I believe, benefited from the classes, unless I was going to change careers, there was no need for me to continue. You’d be proud that I didn’t slink off silently never to be seen again, I explained my circumstances to Leigh and he understood why I wouldn’t be returning. Fortunately, before I left, I was able to attend the lecture on the evolution of the technique TAC uses. It really was an ‘aha’ moment.

Always the obedient student, I had followed the instructions when doing the drills and ignored any doubts and questions swirling around my head.  After sitting through the lecture, I understood the drills completely. Interestingly, when, after the lecture, I did the drills with another actor, I didn’t do them any differently. My approach was exactly the same.  I don’t know if that shows how effective the drills are, how inflexible and unskilled I am or how good I had been at silencing the voice of doubt.

I take away from my time at TAC a new perspective on and appreciation of the actors’ job. If I ever do pursue my retirement dream of joining a small local theater, I know I’ll use the skills I picked up in my short time playing the role of acting student.


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