LAFF – Film Fest a Hit!

It may be the 10th year of the LA Film Festival but, despite making my living in “the industry”, this is the first year that I didn’t let it come and go without taking notice.  In the past I’ve travelled to Sundance to watch quirky, independent films but done nothing when the opportunity existed in my own backyard.

I am so happy that I finally participated!

Yesterday at the Regal Cinemas at LA Live,  we saw “Down Terrace” a fantastic, very dark British comedy ala Pulp Fiction.  Yes the film dealt with issues of violence, murder and mayhem but more in the vein of Arsenic and Old Lace than Reservoir Dogs.  The dialog was witty and natural, the situations hysterical the characters well developed all contributing to a hit of a movie!

Then we saw “Tiny Furniture.”  I can’t recommend it but the film was original, unlike anything you’d see in the multiplex.  The characters were real to a fault.  It was like having a glimpse into the life of a family you’d think would be terribly interesting but turned out to be as dull as your own family and more dysfunctional.

Today we only made it to one film, it being a day to take family out to brunch.  At a screening room tucked into downtown between the LA Times building and the Garment District, around the corner from The Edison, we saw “Golden Slumbers” a Japanese film that obstensibly dealt with political intrigue but at it’s core was about trust and friendship.  The story structure ambitiously plays with flash backs and flash forwards – you have to really pay attention to keep up but  you want to be paying attention so you don’t miss a word of the subtitled dialog.

And as a fun little perk, as I left the last film I happen to make eye contact with a very handsome young man probably twenty years younger than me but that didn’t seem to matter as we shared a smile that sent chills down my menopausal back!  Thanks stranger, you made my day!


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